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リンパドレナージュ マッサージ 沖縄
Aromapressure treatments are made of a unique combination of Sport-massage, Lymph-drainage and Joint-movement from Physical therapy. ( Please see previous pages )

Top quality blends of oils are used for treatments and are specially manufactured for Aromapressure.
Aromapressure products and treatments are available at our school or at any of our Licensed Salons or Spas.

Products can be ordered on line for Japan only.

リンパマッサージ 沖縄   icon_face 60 min. Basic full-body          ¥8,000


icon_body    icon_face 100 min. Advanced full-body       ¥12,000


リンパマッサージ 沖縄 リンパマッサージ 沖縄 massage Okinawa |60 min. Chest, neck, head and face     ¥8,000


   リンパマッサージ 沖縄 massage Okinawa  |60 min. Scalp and Face drainage     ¥8,000


   リンパマッサージ 沖縄 massage Okinawa  |30 min. Lymph-drainage Face/neck   ¥4,000


 クリニカルアロマテラピー スクール 沖縄