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Aromapressure is owned by professional physiotherapists who have operated successfully in different countries and continents and can adapt to the different cultures and needs of the population.

The success of a business operation depends on the quality of the service and the product, but a big part is due to the psychology of the environment for the particular project. Thus, selling water in dry areas will be more successful than selling raincoats.

Aromapressure has allowed a lot of companies to achieve great and durable businesses. Our presence in Japan is the result of having been “head-hunted” by several corporations.

The list of our achievements is huge as well as the number of articles, TV shows, radio shows, etc… that have been done about Aromapressure. As an example, Hotel Micuras Resort and Spa in Atami (Japan) became number one in Japan due to the quality of its treatments.

Please consult us for your Spa-projects involving serious body therapy and Hydrotherapy.

スパコンサルタント 沖縄
スパコンサルタント 沖縄